Important! USCIS Form Changes

There’s been recent USCIS form changes due to the elimination of the form I-944.  Those changes are going to occur as soon as April 19th. We have videos on our YouTube channel about public charge and how final rule and public charge had been overturned.

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Now what’s happening is because those public charge rules were changed and form I-944 has been eliminated, it’s had a ripple-down effect and its impact on other USCIS forms. Our firm represents couples going through
the immigration process. There’s quite a few forms that have been changed but the ones that are most important for the couples who are going through the immigration process are forms are I-485 and I-864.

The new forms have been released on the USCIS website. The new edition date is March 10th of 2021. That’s just the edition date, not when it takes effect.

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If you’re in the process of filing your application and you need those forms for your specific immigration case, pay close attention that you are using the right edition of the form. They’ll still accept the old edition of the form up until April 19th. If you have it ready and you’re going to send it with the old version of the form, you’re welcome to send it with the old version. Or you can go ahead and update the information on the new version of the form.

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