Important Updates – US Embassy Russia

In April 2021, the US embassy in Moscow, Russia had to close and discontinue services due to the government of Russia prohibiting the US embassy in Moscow from employing foreign nationals in any capacity. When that happened, we made announcements and we promised that we would give all of you updates as we had more information.

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There are many other embassies or countries that don’t have a US embassy or consulate that processes immigrant and non-immigrant visas. Those visas will be processed through another country.

We do have updates now that for individuals who are citizens of Russia and who are completing an immigration process to receive a visa, those visas will be processed in Warsaw, Poland. This is where the visa interviews will occur for individuals from Russia.

If you have already filed a case and you have gone through the National Visa Center phase and you have been assigned to Moscow, Russia, what will happen now is you will receive a new notification from the National Visa Center reassigning your case to Warsaw, Poland.

If you have a fiancé visa or a spouse visa pending, your case will be transferred to Poland. If you haven’t received a transfer notice yet, you’re also welcome to reach out to the National Visa Center by phone or you can also email the embassy directly in Warsaw, Poland to have your case transferred.

If you are currently in the process of filing or if your application is pending currently with USCIS, regardless of what you wrote on your application, your case is automatically going to be assigned to Warsaw, Poland.

It’s difficult for you to travel to another country to have this interview but what’s most important is that there is a location assigned now for these interviews to occur and so this is great news. When cases are transferred to Warsaw, Poland, there is interview availability for fiancé visas relatively quickly and spouse visas are also being scheduled relatively quickly in immigration terms for fast which is usually within a few months.

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