Important Tips USCIS Form I-134 – 2021

Important tips for USCIS form I-134.

For those of you who are going through a fiancé visa process, you are probably already familiar with this form. Form I-134 is a form that’s used specifically for tourist visas and fiancé visas.

Focusing on fiancé visas, form I-134 is used during the fiancé visa process right before the US embassy or consular interview. It’s the form that immigration needs to show that the fiancé that’s coming to the United States will not become a public charge which means that he or she will not need public assistance while they are here.

They are able to be self-sufficient, pay for their expenses, or the US petitioner is able to pay for their expenses. Because when you enter on your K1 fiancé visa, there’s a waiting period before you’re able to work and so, immigration wants to see that you’ll be able to support yourself.

There’s another form later in the process called I-864, which is an affidavit of support. This form is something that you prepare and would be taking to your US embassy or counselor interview for a fiancé visa.

Also, a lot of the questions we’ve been getting about a part on the form that asks the US petitioner, “Will I provide specific contributions or support for my fiancé?” There’s a lot of conflicting information about whether or not you should answer that yes or no.

The answer is that it’ll depend on your particular situation. Your fiancé might have money saved up and that he or she will be using that to pay for their expenses while they’re here waiting to be able to receive their work authorization.

A lot of times people don’t think about it but as the US petitioner, maybe you have an apartment or a home that you’ll be sharing together. Technically, you’ll be providing that room and board for your fiancé even though you’re going to be married and have a life together everything will be shared.

If you’re answering “no” immigration might ask what is your immigrant fiancé’s plans for being able to support him or herself and they might also ask why are you not providing financial support. That could be as simple as “we’ll be combining our lives together.”

You don’t have to pick yes or no, it’s going to be dependent on your particular situation. Know that if you’re answering that question, be prepared for those questions from immigration about what they’re going to be asking. Some people in our Facebook group were really worried that if they picked yes or no that they’d be likely denied if they picked one or the other. That’s not necessarily true. There’s not a magic answer to that question on the form.

A lot of people want to know what evidence do you need to provide with this form? Every case is case-specific. Depending on your particular circumstances, it’ll determine what documents you provide with this.

But in general, as a US petitioner, you’ll provide your most recent taxes. If you’re employed by another company, you get a W-2. You’ll want that with your taxes along with recent paycheck stubs and a letter from your employer showing that you make enough and that you’re able to support your fiancé when he or she arrives in the United States.

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