How to Update I129F

If your fiancé had changed a job and how do you update your application?

When you file your application, whether it’s a fiancé visa or your green card application, wait times are long. In life, there are a lot of changes and if you change jobs or you move and things like that, there are updates that will inevitably rather happen. Those changes are something that you update in later stages of the case.

The exception is if you change addresses. If you move, then you would need to update your address with USCIS. It’s very important that you update your address and you legally need to do that so you receive notifications.

If it’s a fiancé visa and you’re starting out with that first step, there are going to be two other applications that you’re going to have to do; one for the interview with the consulate and the interview in the United States. Those will be opportunities for you to provide updated information at that time so you wouldn’t have to necessarily take any kind of proactive step.

It’s always best to consult with an immigration attorney to know whether or not the information that has changed is something that immigration would need to receive an update on because if you were to be a green card holder and naturalize, that is something you definitely want to update because that can be beneficial. But in general, there are opportunities to update your information at later phases of the case.