How to Check Case Processing Times – I 129F, K1 Fiancé Visas

How do I check the case processing times for I-129F K1 fiancé visa?

It can be a little tricky because a lot of individuals think, “I’m sending my application to this lockbox in Texas. That my case is being processed in Texas.” But when they try to check the case status online in processing times online and look up Texas, they’ll see that they don’t have fiancé visas there.

USCIS has tools to help individuals go through the immigration process. One of the tools that they have is a case processing times tool.

The field office where your case is being processed is not where you mailed it. The actual field office is on the receipt notice that you receive from immigration. You can find it in the bottom left-hand corner.

As of February of 2021, the field offices that are reviewing those cases are typically California and Vermont. Look at the bottom of your receipt and if it’s the California Service Center, you can select that.

And then you’ll get your case processing times and see the amount of time that it’s taking for fiancé visas.

For the California Service Center, it’s taking five and a half to seven and a half months right now to get a decision. That’s just an estimate on how long it’s taking immigration to review the applications and make a decision.