Green Card Extension Rule – 2021

For individuals who have a green card, a 10-year green card specifically, when you renew that green card or if it has expired, part of the process is you’ll go for a fingerprint appointment where immigration would put a stamp on your card extending your green card.

There has been a change recently. What’s going to happen with individuals who have 10-year green cards? If you file to renew your green card, they’re actually going to give you a receipt notice that extends that green card. What that means is you’ll send your application in to renew your 10-year green card and then you’ll get a receipt notice in the mail. That receipt notice will automatically extend your green card for 12 months while you wait for the new one.

This is really great because it used to be a little bit more convoluted of a way to get that proof that you were still a lawful permanent resident. This is what they do for individuals who have two-year green cards. When you file your removal conditions, you’ll get that receipt notice that automatically extends your card for 18 months.

If you have recently filed or you’re going to file just know that that will happen. You’ll get that receipt notice that’ll extend your green card. If you haven’t filed for naturalization, we highly recommend that because then you won’t have to worry about renewing your green card and extensions and all of that. You’ll have all the benefits of becoming a United States citizen.