Updates on Extended Work Permit Validity for Couples

Couples going through the U.S. immigration process have received welcoming news. As of September 2023, USCIS has announced an extension in the validity period of work permits issued during the adjustment of status process from two years to five years. For non-U.S. citizens married to U.S. citizens, the adjustment of status process allows them to apply for a green card without leaving the United States. This process includes the issuance of a work permit, enabling them to work legally in the country while their green card application is pending.



The Benefits of Change

The extension from two to five years in work permit validity brings significant relief for applicants. It reduces the frequency of renewals, cutting down on both the administrative burden for applicants and processing workload on USCIS. This change is poised to streamline operations and potentially speed up processing times for all applicants.

This positive change affects more than just those undergoing the adjustment of status. By decreasing the number of work permit renewals USCIS must process annually, the new policy is expected to expedite processing times across various types of immigration applications, including fiancé and spouse visas.

Keep Yourself Informed

This update is a substantial improvement in the U.S. immigration system, reducing paperwork and wait times for countless individuals and couples. It reflects a move towards more efficient and applicant-friendly procedures. If you have questions about how this new work permit validity extension might impact your immigration process, contact Immigration for Couples. We’re here to provide expert guidance and support every step of the way.