Expedite Request Granted – Now What?

Especially now with the long wait times, there are a lot of individuals who are wanting to know what the process is for an expedite request.

We have had clients and other individuals in the Facebook group who have been approved for expedite requests and then they ask, “What happens next? How soon can I expect a decision or how soon will I receive an interview?”

Once you’ve been approved for expedite requests, you’ll wait for your schedule for an interview. The time it will take for you to receive a schedule depends on what kind of expedite you had requested.

If it’s an expedite for your petition, either an I-130 petition or a fiancé visa petition, if USCIS were to expedite that, then you should receive an approval notice shortly after.

This individual’s specific question was, “I received an expedite request from the embassy, a US embassy or consulate, and so, what next? When will I receive the interview?”

If you received an expedite request from the embassy, how long you will have to wait for an interview depends on the embassy. Some individuals were lucky enough, depending on the circumstances, to get an interview within a week. Sometimes, it can take a few months because while the embassy approved you for an expedite, the embassy might have long backlogs like Manila or Mexico.

When we receive expedites in those countries, typically it can take a few months to actually get the interview. It is extremely case-specific and also specific on where you’re at in the process.

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