Does My Spouse/Fiancé Attend the Embassy Interview?

Are you wondering if the United States petitioner spouse or fiancé has to attend the embassy or consular interview?

The embassy or consular interview is part of the process for a spouse or a fiancé visa. Just as it sounds, it’s the interview that occurs at a United States embassy or consulate in the country where that individual happens to be living or the country where they have citizenship.

The point of this interview is for an immigration officer to check this person’s background and ask the individual questions to confirm that he or she is indeed eligible to receive the spouse or fiancé visa. It’s also an opportunity for the consular officer to confirm that the couple has what’s called a bona fide relationship which means a real relationship based on love and not just to receive an immigration benefit.

Does the United States citizen spouse petitioner or fiancé petitioner have to attend that interview? The answer is no and actually, in most embassies and consulates, they’re actually not even allowed to attend for security reasons. This interview just happens with the immigrant. However, please know that it is possible that a USCIS officer can decide to invite the petitioner for an interview if they believe that the relationship might not be bona fide.