COVID Vaccine Required? – K1 Visa

There is a lot of confusion about whether or not the COVID vaccine is required for K1 fiancé visa applicants. Is it required for K1 visa applicants? Yes, it is required. It needs to be done before you receive your green card.

K1 visa applicants have to complete a process through a US embassy or consulate abroad. Part of that process involves a medical exam. K1 visa applicants, unlike individuals who are going through the spouse visa process to receive a green card, don’t have to get the vaccines at that interview with that medical exam abroad.

The USCIS policy manual makes it very clear that K1 visa applicants do not have to get their vaccinations before they enter the United States. They do highly encourage to get the vaccinations abroad just to expedite the process, keep things moving.

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Oftentimes, vaccinations abroad are cheaper than in the United States. However, there are individuals who are not necessarily able to get the COVID vaccine or don’t want to get the vaccine. You can get a waiver for that.

There are a lot of US embassies and consulates who make it very clear on their websites like Japan and the United Kingdom. Their website says that K1 visa applicants are not required to get their vaccinations before they enter the United States and the COVID vaccine is not required for K1 applicants before they enter the United States.

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It’s not uncommon for other embassies and consulates to actually do things differently or to be confused about what the policy is. For example, the US embassies in UAE, Abu Dhabi, and Dubai have taken a position where they are saying you have to get the COVID vaccine and complete your vaccinations before they issue you a visa.

It is possible that US embassies and consulates can be confused and have contradicting policies. The Center for Disease Control outlined that an immigrant who is listed in an immigrant visa category, which means you’re entering the United States with an immigrant visa with the intent to come here and live, it says that it does not include K1 non-immigrant visa holders.

With the proclamation that was released, do I have to have the COVID vaccine to be able to be allowed to enter the United States?

The Department of State has been very clear that K1 visa applicants do not have to have the COVID vaccine before they enter the United States. You are still required when you are going through the adjustment of status phase of your case to get the vaccinations before you could receive your green card. The vaccinations are required, just not before entry.

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