Consular/Embassy Interview – What to Expect

Are you nervous and wondering what to expect at your consular interview appointment?

Part of the fiancé visa and spouse visa process involves an interview at a US embassy or consulate abroad in a country abroad, depending on where the immigrant lives. That interview is in front of an immigration officer and going to an interview in front of an immigration officer and having to answer questions about your background and your relationship can be very intimidating.

For the US embassies and consulates, a lot of people are surprised that this interview sometimes will take place in more of an office setting. A lot of clients say it feels a little informal and so it can be different. Every US Embassy and consulate is different.

How long will the interview take?

You might be at the US embassy or consulate for a few hours waiting but the actual interview itself can take anywhere from five minutes to half an hour. Most of our clients say that with nerves and things like that, it feels like it went by super quickly.

At the actual interview itself, they’re going to be asking you questions about your relationship, your immigration history, and your immigration background. They will also be collecting your civil documents such as a certified marriage license or birth certificate.

The immigration officer will keep your passport and they will keep a lot of your original documents because if they approve the case, they put the visa inside of your passport. At the end of the interview, the officer will let you know whether or not you are approved, whether or not they need more information, or if they are deciding to deny your case.

Typically, you’d be getting a notice letting you know you were approved or that they might need more documents.