Can you use a tourist visa after you file a K1?

If your fiancé or spouse already has a valid visa, like a tourist visa or ESTA, they can still visit the United States to see you even after you file for your Spouse or Fiance Visa. But here’s the catch – every time they enter the US, immigration will decide if they have genuine intentions to visit or if they’re planning to stay longer. While it’s legal to visit, there’s a possibility that immigration might question your motives.

Here’s a tip: honesty is the best policy. Always be truthful with immigration officers. If you’re visiting, make sure you have evidence that you’re planning to go back home, like a job abroad or ties to your country. It’s all about reassuring them that your visit is temporary.

Just like your loved one can come to the US, you can also visit them in their country. But remember, you’ll need the right visa or entry requirements and it varies from country to country.


Getting a Visa While Waiting

Now, let’s talk about a common question: can your fiancé or spouse apply for a visa to come visit you if they don’t have one already? Yes, they can. But there’s a twist. Immigration usually prefers not to grant new visas if you’ve already applied for a fiancé or spouse visa. It’s like they’re worried your plans might conflict.

While it’s not guaranteed, some lucky folks have still managed to get a visa while their other application is in process. The key here is to be completely honest with immigration. Keep in mind that it’s a bit of a long shot, but staying truthful is essential and sometimes it does happen!


Filing for a fiancé or spouse visa doesn’t mean you can’t visit each other anymore. You absolutely can! Just remember to be honest, provide evidence of your intentions, and understand that while it’s possible, there’s always a chance immigration might question things. Stay positive – each step brings you closer to being together.

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