Age Difference – Impact on Immigration Case

If you and your partner have a significant age gap, is that a concern?

Immigration does have a list of certain things that they consider to be red flags and having a significant age difference is one of those red flags. The way that immigration looks at any relationship, even for ones with a red flag, is they ultimately want to see that your relationship is real. The burden is on you as a couple to show immigration you really are in love.

The age difference doesn’t matter to us and for many couples, it doesn’t. Love is different for everyone and that’s what makes it exciting. For immigration, it’s just a matter of showing them age doesn’t matter to you and you have so many things in common. You have a connection and love each other. Ultimately, it’s your goal to be together in the United States.

Having a significant age gap is not a huge issue or a huge red flag that should prevent you from filing at all. However, it is a very important consideration. It’s important to be proactive in making sure you are collecting the strongest evidence possible to show immigration that you have a real relationship based on love.

There are different categories of relationship evidence and different things that immigration is looking for. A lot of people think of photos and letters of support from family and friends and those are helpful. But you’ll really want to have a lot of other different types of evidence to prove your relationship.

Here at Immigration for Couples, we have a free relationship resource guide that goes through in detail all of those different categories of relationship evidence and gives you examples of things that you can include to give yourself the strongest case possible.

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