Navigating the Affidavit of Support (I-864) as Couple

The affidavit of support, known as the I-864, is a key component of the green card process for couples. It’s a form that the U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident petitioner completes to show their ability to support their immigrant spouse financially. This requirement ensures that the immigrant will not need government assistance and can sustain themselves in the U.S.

The petitioner, whether a U.S. citizen or a lawful permanent resident, fills out the I-864 with their financial details. This includes current annual income, backed by tax returns, paycheck stubs, and other proofs of income. It’s essential for the petitioner to demonstrate that they can financially support their spouse, aligning with the poverty guidelines (I-864P).



What is Joint Sponsorship?

If the petitioner doesn’t meet the income requirements based on their household size, a joint sponsor may be necessary. A joint sponsor is someone over 18, a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident, living in the U.S., who meets the income requirements to support the immigrant. They also complete an I-864, agreeing to back the immigrant financially.

Responsibilities and Limits of a Joint Sponsor

The joint sponsor’s role is significant. They sign a contract with the U.S. government, agreeing to support the immigrant if needed and repay any government-provided means-tested benefits the immigrant might receive. However, they are not responsible for the immigrant’s private debts like taxes, credit card debts, or student loans. A joint sponsor’s responsibilities last until the immigrant completes 40 quarters (about ten years) of work in the U.S. or becomes a U.S. citizen. It’s important to note that these obligations continue even if the couple divorces.

Let Us Help Lead the Way

Navigating the Affidavit of Support (I-864) is an important, yet complex part of your green card journey as a couple. Understanding every aspect of this document, from the petitioner’s financial obligations to the intricacies of involving a joint sponsor, can greatly impact the success of your application. If you find yourselves uncertain about meeting the income requirements, or if the responsibilities of taking on a joint sponsor feel overwhelming, know that you’re not alone in this. It’s in these moments, filled with questions and the need for clarity, that reaching out to experts becomes essential. We specialize in providing the guidance and support you need to confidently navigate these challenges. Don’t hesitate to connect with us; let’s ensure your journey towards a life together in the U.S. is smooth and secure.