Adjustment of Status Process

Adjustment of status is the most popular option for couples going through the immigration process. Why? Because it is the fastest option. Also, the adjustment of status process can be completed while the couple lives together in the United States. There’s also an option to apply for a work permit.

If you are just starting out on your immigration journey, those are things that you are probably looking for in choosing an option for your immigration case.

The very first step in an adjustment of status case is assembling and mailing a very large application. Typically our applications are well over three or four hundred pages. They include relationship evidence to show immigration you have a real marriage based on love, a green card application, and the work permit.

Once that huge application is sent to immigration, you’ll receive a receipt notice. This is a document that says immigration has received your application. You will then be scheduled for a biometrics appointment. It is a very short appointment where they take your fingerprints and your photo.

After that, you will receive your work permit. One of the great things about the adjustment application is that you’ll receive a work permit typically within 90 days of filing. It will allow you to be able to live and work in the United States while you’re waiting for your green card.

The next step is the interview with immigration. This is where you and your spouse will go in front of an immigration officer. The couple is asked questions about their relationship and the individual who is applying for a green card will have to answer questions about their immigration history and background.

In the last step, if you are approved, you will receive your green card and you’ll receive a 2 or 10-year green card based on the length of your marriage.

We have created a free downloadable list that goes through all of these steps written out so you can have that for your immigration journey.

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