Do It Yourself (DIY) Support

DIY Support is the fastest, most cost-effective way to complete your case with assistance from our top-notch immigration attorneys. If you have a standard legal case and want to stay in the driver’s seat while benefiting from our lawyers’ expertise, this might be the option for you.

How does it work?

  • Initial Attorney Consultation

    First, we recommend you schedule an initial consultation with one of our attorneys to make sure you’re eligible to do what you want to do and have selected the best legal strategy.

  • Purchase Your Package

    After your consultation (or if you already know you qualify), you select and purchase one of our flat-rate DIY Support packages:

    DIY Support: I-485 Marriage Adjustment of Status

    DIY Support: IR1 or CR1 Spouse Visa (Consular Processing)

    DIY Support: K-1 Fiancé Visa

    DIY Support: I-751 Removal of Conditions

    DIY Support: U.S. Citizenship through N400 Naturalization

    Each package includes access to a comprehensive online course taught by our experienced immigration attorneys. The course includes video lessons, eligibility screening tools, checklists, templates, and more. The resources take you through the process of preparing your application, tracking your case, preparing for interviews, and all of the other things people commonly need to do throughout the process (like changing your address with USCIS or knowing whether you can travel while the case is pending).

  • Draft Your Application

    Work through the course materials at your own pace. Some of our clients want things to move quickly and will finish everything in one weekend! As soon as you have a draft of your application packet, you will upload a pdf copy to our secure portal for our attorneys to review.

  • Attorney Review and Video Feedback

    Within one business day, you will receive a pdf copy of your application that is marked up with attorney notes AND a screencast video of the attorney walking you through the corrections and providing explanations and recommendations for improving the filing.

  • One-on-One Attorney Time

    You make the corrections to your application at your own pace. Once you’re done, you’ll use the scheduling link provided to schedule your Skype (or phone) call with your attorney. You can use this time for whatever would be most valuable to you such as: Checking the corrected version of your application, Clarifying other information from the course, or Asking about future phases of the case or the latest immigration news.

  • File and Monitor Your Application

    You file your application and follow the course instructions to successfully complete your immigration case. (Yay!) The course materials cover all of the common questions we know from experience you're likely to have.

  • Ongoing Support Always Available

    If at any time during the process you have more questions or something unexpected comes up, you can always purchase additional 20-minute increments of attorney time for $150. Depending on your case type, there are other add-ons you may want to buy, such as mock interview practice or in-person attorney representation at any USCIS Field Office in the United States. However, most DIY Support clients say that the basic course package had everything they needed to complete their case!

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What does DIY Support cost?

DIY Support Packages are all priced on a flat fee basis. You can check out the details of the different packages as well as make purchases here. Please note that we only offer DIY application review services to clients who have purchased a DIY Support Package and cannot review a self-drafted application during an initial consultation.

Which cases work best with DIY Support?

DIY Support is designed to assist clients who are educated, organized, self-starters who have excellent English skills and are used to doing paperwork. It's only intended for couples with straightforward, uncomplicated cases. We can confirm your eligibility and discuss whether DIY Support is a good choice for you during an initial consultation with one of our attorneys. (Click here to schedule a consult.)

DIY Support Packages are not intended to assist immigrants with complications such as undocumented presence in the United States, serious criminal history, deportation proceedings, or whose marriage relationships have broken down. These are scenarios in which you need full representation for the best outcome. (You can find out more about full representation here.)

What are the advantages of doing DIY Support instead of full representation?

  • You get total control of the timeline for preparing your case. You get instant access to the entire course, so you can prepare your case that same day if you want!

  • You manage every step of the process, so you’ll know everything is on track and under control.

  • You’re only paying for the legal services you need, and nothing extra.

  • You’re leveraging technology to save legal fees: Our courses include video content that covers all of the same things our attorneys always tell their full representation clients, but you aren’t paying hourly for it.

What are the disadvantages of doing DIY Support instead of full representation?

  • There is no attorney appearance form filed, so you are the one totally responsible for your case. You will need to check your mail and check your online status periodically to make sure things are on track. (Don’t worry – the online course shows you exactly how to do this!)

  • You need to purchase and schedule additional increments of attorney if you have issues that come up during the process after you've already used the attorney time included in your basic package. Our full representation clients just email or call us whenever they want to during their process, although they pay us hourly to do so.

  • We don't hold DIY Support meetings in person, even if you live near one of our office locations. Part of the cost savings of the DIY Support Packages is tied to the fact that our attorneys are meeting with you by Skype or phone and we don't have to rent extra office space or have a receptionist on site to greet you. (Many DIY Support clients tell us that digital meetings are more convenient for them also, so this might actually be an advantage depending on your preferences!)

  • There's always a risk that you could make an unforeseen mistake in handling your own case that an attorney would not have made and it hurts your case somehow. To reduce the chances of this happening, we recommend all DIY Support clients have an initial consultation with one of our attorneys to make sure they qualify before starting. We also recommend you add on additional attorney time if you run into anything unexpected during the case.

Take Your First Step – Schedule an Attorney Consultation

Whether you’re looking for traditional representation or DIY support, a good first step is to have a consultation with one of our attorneys.

For $150, you will receive:

  • An educational resource package on the topic of your choice (Fiancé Visas, Marriage Green Card Options, Removal of Conditions, or Naturalization) that includes videos, an eligibility screening tool, and a pdf download;
  • A 20-min Skype consult (or phone call) with one of our attorneys to discuss your eligibility for the type of immigration case you wish to pursue; and
  • A coupon code for $50 credit towards one of our DIY Support Packages or traditional hourly representation when you sign up to work with us!

Click the button below for 24/7 online access to self-schedule your consultation (and get instant access to your educational resources).

Schedule My Consultation Now

Schedule My Consultation Now

Is DIY Support the same as working with an online document preparation company?

No. We actually created DIY Support partially out of frustration with online document preparation companies. It’s not that what they do is always bad; it just isn’t what we believe most people actually need.

Document prep companies essentially have an automated system where you type your info into their online form and then they autofill the government forms and print them for you. The thing is, the necessary forms are all available for free on government websites as fillable pdfs already, and we’re guessing you also have access to a printer. That’s not worth paying for.

The tricky part about doing your own immigration case is no matter how clearly an automated system asks you questions, at some point you’re going to need to clarify something to make sure you’re answering it correctly for your specific situation. Document prep companies will just tell you to "ask a lawyer” or else refer you to their non-attorney call center workers. They usually have a disclaimer on their website saying something like, “We claim no special knowledge of immigration law or procedure and cannot give you legal advice.”

Even worse, these companies are not legally bound to keep your personal information private. We recently became aware of a document prep tech startup that hires independent lawyers to review applications prepared by their secretarial staff. Their CEO has admitted publicly that their business model doesn't actually make money providing legal services, but it will once they can monetize "the world's largest data set of immigrants that no one else has," which he's building courtesy of their website's users. The fact that you give your data to the tech startup, not the lawyer, is what shields them from all of the special laws that require lawyers to keep their clients' information strictly confidential and gives you attorney-client privilege that makes sure third parties and the government can't get it except in the rarest of circumstances. Read more here about why we think this is super creepy. This is why we are - and will remain- an actual law firm, not a regular company partnering with lawyers.

We also think it’s a huge advantage to you to start working with a real law firm, because we’re equipped to finish the job even if you end up needing a higher level of service. Maybe you’re pretty sure you’ll just need the basic package, but if the laws change or you end up running into complications or wanting an attorney with you during the USCIS interview, you can seamlessly add on those services or even convert to full representation at any time. You won’t have wasted money on document prep services and then still need a lawyer to fix things later on. (And yes, we’ve fixed plenty of mid-case problems for clients who had initially hired services that advertise a universal success rate and money-back guarantee that they never received.)

The good news is that you're no longer forced to choose between expensive traditional legal services and fly-by-night document services. Our DIY Support Packages were created and are continuously updated by our licensed experienced immigration lawyers. The course materials provide all the general info you need to manage your own case, and we package it with one-on-one time with an attorney who will clarify your specific questions and give you true legal advice. We aren’t going to disclaim away our responsibility for what we tell you to do. This is important stuff that affects your life!

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